Q1. Can all types of bus passes be made online?

Ans. No, only general bus passes can be made online at present. Other concessional bus passes (e.g. student pass, senior citizen pass etc.) will continue to be available through the existing offline process.

Q2. What types of bus passes can be made online and what are their charges per month ?

Ans. Eight (8) types of general bus passes can be made online as per following monthly charges:


Type of Bus Pass

Monthly Charge

Quaterly Charge

Half-Yearly Charge

Yearly Charge


General all route Non-AC bus






General all route AC bus






Airport Express/Coaches AC and Non AC bus (in NCTof Delhi Only)






Delhi-NCR-Airport AC and Non Ac bus






Delhi to Gurgaon






Delhi to Faridabad






Delhi to Bahadurgarh






Delhi to Ghaziabad





Q3. What additional charges for buying online bus pass?

Ans. Apart from the above charges, the following charges will be applicable:

  • Printing and stationary charges of Rs. 15/- for each pass.

  • Speed Post charges of Rs 18/- for local area pin codes and Rs 41/- for non-local area pin codes for each pass.

  • Any Bank Charges charged by bank for each online transaction should be borne by customer, which will vary from bank to bank.

Q4. Can bus passes be still made offline at DTC pass sections?

Ans. Yes, applicant can also buy all types bus passes through offline procedure at any of the pass section of DTC. Existing Procedure for making bus passes in offline mode at DTC pass sections will remain the same.

Q5. Can I renew my offline bus pass online?

Ans. No, user can not renew any bus pass online.

Q6. Can I use the bus pass as an ID card?

Ans. No, bus pass can only be used for travelling purposes in DTC & Cluster buses only.

Q7. Can I take a printout of my online bus pass?

Ans. No, you can only apply for the bus pass online and thereafter bus pass will be delivered at your residence via Speed post.

Q8. What is the procedure to apply for online bus pass?

Ans. Online bus pass can be made in following three steps:

  1. Go to URL and fill up the application form selecting the appropriate type and duration of bus pass.

  2. Make the payment online.

  3. Bus pass shall be delivered at your address within 5 working days.

Q9. What is required to apply for an online bus pass?

Ans. You will need the following to apply for a non-concessional bus pass online:

  • Your scanned copy of passport sized photo with full face visible (image size limit 20Kb-50Kb).

  • Valid mobile phone number for receiving alerts/ OTP.

  • Valid payment method (Debit Card/Credit Card/Net banking).

Q10. What is the minimum age to apply for a bus pass?

Ans. Above 5 years.

Q11. Can I change the applicant details or edit the form after submitting the online form?

Ans. No, you cannot edit form details after final submission. In case of rejection of application due to incomplete address or blurred photo, you will be given an option to change address and photo only.

Q12. To which areas are the Bus Pass delivery services available? What are the delivery charges?

Ans. The delivery services are available all over India. Postal delivery charges would be applicable as per actual charges levied by India Post.

Q13. In how much time will I receive the bus pass?

Ans. The applicant will receive the bus pass within 5 working days excluding date of transaction of payment.

Q14. Can I personally collect my bus pass from the DTC office?

Ans. No, However in case the postal authorities return the bus pass due to following circumstances, applicant can collect the bus passes from the pass section, DTC Scindia House, KG Marg Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi – 110001 between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on all working days:

  1. Incorrect/Incomplete address.

  2. Door Locked/ Addressee out of station.

  3. No such person residing at this address.

  4. Address shifted.>

  5. Refusal.

  6. Other Reason.

A SMS and Email will be sent to the applicant notifying the return of the bus pass.

Q15 Will bus pass be redispatched in case of return by Postal Authority?

Ans. No, pass will not be redispatched if it could not delivered by India Post due to any of the aforesaid six reasons. In this scenario, the applicant have to collect his/ her pass from DTC pass section at the address mentioned above in answer 14.

Q16.Where and How to contact?

Ans. Address: Pass Section,

Delhi Transport Corporation,

Scindia House, KG Marg

Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001.

Phone number:    011-23737180

011-23752770 Ext.226.

Mobile number:   8744073213

Q17. How do I track my bus pass once I have applied?

Ans. Once your Online bus pass is out for delivery, you will receive a consignment number via SMS on the registered mobile number. You can track your delivery at:

Q18.What is the process for cancellation of the bus pass?

Ans. To cancel your bus pass, you will have to visit any of the DTC pass sections and hand over your bus pass for cancellation to DTC official. The amount due will be refunded to your bank account via the payment method used at the time of applying for online bus pass.

Q19. What are cancellation charges of a bus pass?

Ans. An amount of Rs. 10/- would be charged for each cancellation.

Q20 What are the Refund rules?

Ans. The refund of fare in case of partly used bus pass is made after charging for the period, the bus pass has already been utilised, on a weekly basis, treating the month as consisting four weekly parts and treating part of a week as full week for this purpose. For example, if a Bus Pass having value Rs 800/- is valid from 01.05.2018 to 31.05.2018 and it is surrendered:-

  1. Between 01.05.2018 and 07.05.2018, refund calculations are as under:-

    1. One week Bus Pass fare: Rs. 200 ( ¼ th of Monthly bus pass Value)

    2. Refund Charge : Rs. 10/-

    3. Amount to be refunded: Rs. 590/- [i.e. 800-(200+10)]

  1. Between 08.05.2018 and 14.05.2018, refund calculations are as under:-

    1. One week Bus Pass fare: Rs. 400 ( ½ th of Monthly bus pass Value)

    2. Refund Charge : Rs. 10/-

    3. Amount to be refunded: Rs. 390/- [i.e. 800-(400+10)]

  1. Between 15.05.2018 and 21.05.2018, refund calculation are as under:-

    1. One week Bus Pass fare: Rs. 600 ( ¾ th of Monthly bus pass Value)

    2. Refund Charge : Rs. 10/-

    3. Amount to be refunded :Rs. 190/- [i.e. 800-(600+10)]

  1. On 22.05.2018 and 31.05.2018, No refund is made

Q21.In how much time will I receive the refund after cancellation of bus pass?

Ans.The time for the refund varies from bank to bank. It is usually processed within 7 to 14 working days.

Q22.In case of lost/damaged bus pass, can I apply online for a duplicate bus pass?

Ans.In case of lost/damaged bus pass, no duplicate pass will be issued. Applicants will have to apply for a new bus pass.